Carat Networks

Uptime SLA

Carat Networks Inc. will provide to each client 99.99% uninterrupted Internet access and 100% uninterrupted access to electricity and HVAC. Carat Networks offers clients the following considerations in the event that we fail to live up to these expectations.

Should Internet access or electricity to clients services become unavailable for a period that is beyond the minimum uptime percentage guarantee in any month, the client will be entitled to receive an account credit equivalent to 5% of the client's recurring monthly fees for the current month for the first hour of service interruption and a 5% account credit for each additional hour services are unavailable. All credits are to be calculated in 1 hour periods. Any and all credits issued in accordance with this Uptime SLA during any one month's time shall not exceed 100% of the recurring monthly fees.

No part of this agreement covers outages or other service interruption that is caused by equipment and/or events that are the effect of or under the control of the client. No part of this agreement shall cover loss of power to a server as a result of the client's utilization of remote power management tools that may be made available to them by Carat Networks. This agreement does not cover scheduled maintenance periods.

No account credit shall be issued until an SLA credit request is made by the client. All requests for credits must be made within 14 days of the incident. All requests for credits must be made by creating a support ticket at